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This holds the information about the Parters and sponsors for the Moodlemoot.

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Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 11:33 PM

Learning Technology Services
In conjunction with
National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL)
Moodle HQ
Moodlemoot Dublin 2015

The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) is delighted to be the major sponsor of Moodle Moot for Ireland and the UK in 2015. Our association with Moodle Moot builds on Dublin City University’s (DCU) leadership role in the Moodle community since 2004 and the value we place on this forum for exchanging ideas and sharing effective practices in digital learning. The NIDL’s support for Moodle Moot is consistent with our mission of providing strategic leadership, building strong communities of practice, and enabling and contributing to world-class research.

NIDL supports a comprehensive suite of professional development opportunities in digital learning, from customised workshops through to advanced postgraduate study. Additionally the NIDL is committed to promoting access to flexible learning through DCU Connected, wherever students live. Our staff are highly regarded for their expertise in the area of digital learning and we offer consultancy services both nationally and internationally in the effective and research-informed design of high quality courses for blended, online and digital teaching and learning.



Learning Technology Services is an information technology and training company providing a range of specialist services and support for a range of Open Source solutions.

Founded in 2011 by Gavin Henrick, LTS meets the needs of clients throughout a range of sectors through provision of consulting and training services to support open source project implementations.

LTS works primarily on supporting organisations with e-learning projects including Moodle rollouts and integration strategies.

We also offer a range of other services in-house including

  • Training on e-learning technologies
  • Instructional design and content creation
  • Theme and site design
  • Development and Integration
  • Open Badge implementations

For more information please visit our website:

The UK/Ireland Moodlemoot 2015, is proudly supported by the following gold sponsors.

  • Catalyst IT Europe
  • Enovation Solutions
  • Kaltura
  • Moodlerooms

Catalyst IT Europe

Catalyst is a global team of open source technologists that champion the adoption of open source solutions. Over the last two decades we have been heavily involved in the development of Moodle through code contributions, Moodle plugin development, and the development of a corporate distribution 'Totara LMS'. Catalyst are also the core developers and maintainers of Mahara, a free open source e-portfolio system with excellent integration capabilities with Moodle.

We are platform experts; providing services for development, hosting, design, load testing and the integration of open source e-learning systems into your infrastructure.  We are cloud experts, AWS partners and Openstack foundation members, with whom you can work with to help identify how to scale your platform.  We are a creative, collaborative team with a record of solving complex business problems.

At Catalyst, open source is not just what we do – it's what we stand for.

Enovation Solutions

Enovation Solutions is a provider of learning, compliance, talent and document management solutions with specific expertise in utilising proven, integrated open source solutions to meet the diverse needs of our international client base.

Trusted for 15 years, we offer a full range of consulting services to our clients to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of innovative eLearning strategies in their organisations. These include bespoke eLearning content development, training, customisation, integration and business process analysis to ensure our solutions meet the real needs of organisations.  All of this is backed up by one of the most reliable technology hosting and remote server management organisations you will find.

From our many years of experience we know that, when it comes to eLearning, our clients – even those in the same sector – often have very different requirements.    That’s why we have developed our Learning Suite of products.   We have taken the best of breed open source LMS - Moodle – and developed custom components as well as porting Modules from other community products, to give our clients choice.

Check out our video introduction and join us at the moot to find out more about our products.


Contact us today: / [email protected] / +353 1 602 4784


Kaltura is the leading video technology provider across Education, Enterprise and Media markets. Highly flexible, customisable and future-proof, the platform includes deep video integrations with all leading LMS platforms, a ‘CampusTube’ social video portal and a Personal and Lecture Capture solution alongside interactive video capabilities that enhance the educational experience.

For more information, visit

Kaltura Workshop on Tuesday/Wednesday

Video is key to any eLearning and distance education platform. Teachers are increasing their use of video, and students expect extensive use of rich-media within courses.

In this session you'll learn how to deliver a new set of engaging teaching possibilities with Moodle through Kaltura’s platform including lecture capture, webcam recordings, video assignments and incorporating video clips into presentations.

Innovative tools make it simple to create searchable, interactive content from students and faculty members that can be viewed on any device at any time. Reporting provides comprehensive analysis to assess student engagement of course materials including views, drop-off rates and interactivity.


Moodlerooms: A Better Moodle Experience:
Moodlerooms has taken the world’s most popular LMS – Moodle – and developed it so you can create a better Moodle experience.

You know all the benefits of Moodle, but what if it was easier? What if hosting, maintenance and support was a breeze? Or, what if the UI and core features were streamlined so they were easier to use? With Moodlerooms’ cloud-based Moodle services platform, you can access all of these things and more.

Join us in one of our sessions where we update you on the recent Remote Learner UK acquisition and then benefits this brings. We will share further insights into the Moodlerooms offering, including the new e-Learning Administrator support service.

We will also showcase the all new Blackboard Collaborate 2015, our fully redesigned, high-quality, browser based web conferencing solution for your Virtual Learning Environment.

Simply put: our platform ensures powerful, engaging and user-friendly Moodle experiences for learners, educators and admin – whether you’re a corporate, education, government or non-profit organisation.

The UK/Ireland Moodlemoot 2015, is proudly supported by the following silver sponsors.

  • Mind Click 
  • Planet eStream
  • ULCC
  • Webanywhere

At Mind Click we specialise in bespoke e-learning and Totara LMS, to provide a complete solution for your corporate learning requirements.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility, so that everything we do is tailored to your individual needs.

From compliance training to product knowledge and customer service training, we can meet any challenge and deliver quality solutions for your business.

With such a wide range of clients from all sectors across the globe, at Mind Click we strive to meet requirements set for us and develop ideas to deliver something we are truly proud of.

Our diverse and talented team are based in Nottingham (UK) and bring skills and experience from a wide variety of creative and technical backgrounds. We believe this diversity makes our learning unique.

planet estream

Create, control and brand your own secure YouTube style media library featuring live streaming, TV recording, digital signage, lesson/lecture capture and observation.

Users can upload and view content from their smart phones and tablets in addition to their desktop computers, Planet eStream fully supports flipped learning techniques.

Planet eStream offers integration with your existing infrastructure, featuring AD support, VLE Integration, LMS support and social media.

Integration partners include: Firefly, Frog, Moodle, Blackboard, Heritage,, Softlink, and iSams.

We have just completed a new Moodle Grade Book Plugin for assessment which should also be of great interest for you as I believe that you are a Moodle VLE site.

I have summarised below a reminder of the key features of Planet eStream along with some useful links including a link to a short video showcasing the Moodle Grade Book which I hope is helpful.

Video links to relevant videos:

Moodle Gradebook Assessment Integration:

Planet eStream New Interface Preview:

Planet eStream at a glance…

Planet eStream is a complete media management and delivery platform designed to be installed on your own physical or virtual server ensuring that you have full control and ownership of your content and minimum impact on your bandwidth.

Planet eStream is an all in one solution and offers the following key features;

  • Video on Demand
  • Live Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Photo and Video Archiving
  • Classroom Capture
  • Lesson Observation
  • TV and Radio Recording
  • IPTV
  • Video Assessment Tools
  • Seamless Integration with Leading VLES, Library Management Systems and Management Information Systems – Including Moodle!
  • Branding and Customisation Tools
  • Sophisticated Control Over your Content Via an Advanced Administration Console
  • Moodle Grade Book Plugin


New for 2015…

  • Live Streaming to iOS Devices
  • New look responsive and fully customisable user interface
  • Echo Mobile Interface fully replicating your desktop experience
  • New Planet eSign Features including: Content Loops and Microsoft Exchange, iSams and Google Calendar Integration


The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) is a leading IT services provider, specialising in the academic and not-for-profit sectors. Established in 1968 as a national supercomputing centre, ULCC has evolved into a highly respected and innovative brand within the academic and not-for-profit sector.

We provide hosting and e-learning services using the leading Open Source software, Moodle and now support over 3million registered Moodle users across 150 institutions.

Other partnerships include: Arkivum, Custodian DC, campusM, Echo360, Mahara and Sonic Foundry.

To find out more visit our website at or come and talk to us at MoodleMoot.


As the UK's largest Moodle partner we've had educational & corporate clients from around the world, and using our years of experience we create tailored products for each. We've a talented pool of developers who've been contributing to the Moodle Community since 2006, creating our own solutions, including SIMS integration, The Homework Block & Rapid E-learning content.

Our clients vary from individual schools, such as Longdean, all the way to national associations such as The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, we’re capable of helping anyone setup and run their e-learning systems.

We’re capable of creating, delivering or providing:

  • Consultancy & Training
  • SIMS Integration
  • Our Custom Homework Block
  • LRS Integration via Tin Can API
  • Rapid e-learning Content
  • Bespoke Themes
  • Multi Tenancy Solutions


Click here to view our Education Solutions

Click here to view our Workplace Solutions