planet estream

Create, control and brand your own secure YouTube style media library featuring live streaming, TV recording, digital signage, lesson/lecture capture and observation.

Users can upload and view content from their smart phones and tablets in addition to their desktop computers, Planet eStream fully supports flipped learning techniques.

Planet eStream offers integration with your existing infrastructure, featuring AD support, VLE Integration, LMS support and social media.

Integration partners include: Firefly, Frog, Moodle, Blackboard, Heritage, Eclipse.net, Softlink, and iSams.

We have just completed a new Moodle Grade Book Plugin for assessment which should also be of great interest for you as I believe that you are a Moodle VLE site.

I have summarised below a reminder of the key features of Planet eStream along with some useful links including a link to a short video showcasing the Moodle Grade Book which I hope is helpful.

Video links to relevant videos:

Moodle Gradebook Assessment Integration:

Planet eStream New Interface Preview:

Planet eStream at a glance…

Planet eStream is a complete media management and delivery platform designed to be installed on your own physical or virtual server ensuring that you have full control and ownership of your content and minimum impact on your bandwidth.

Planet eStream is an all in one solution and offers the following key features;

  • Video on Demand
  • Live Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Photo and Video Archiving
  • Classroom Capture
  • Lesson Observation
  • TV and Radio Recording
  • IPTV
  • Video Assessment Tools
  • Seamless Integration with Leading VLES, Library Management Systems and Management Information Systems – Including Moodle!
  • Branding and Customisation Tools
  • Sophisticated Control Over your Content Via an Advanced Administration Console
  • Moodle Grade Book Plugin


New for 2015…

  • Live Streaming to iOS Devices
  • New look responsive and fully customisable user interface
  • Echo Mobile Interface fully replicating your desktop experience
  • New Planet eSign Features including: Content Loops and Microsoft Exchange, iSams and Google Calendar Integration