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Trialling the My Feedback report at UCL

Currently, electronic feedback can only be accessed by looking at individual assessments within Moodle courses. There is no single view where a student can see their feedback across modules.

UCL has been trailing a system in UCL Moodle to enable students and their Personal Tutors to view their feedback and grades in one place. This plugin has been released open source on

This plugin is currently under development as part of a UCL project and is being trialled by a selection of students and staff in Engineering.

In this session we will take a look at the My Feedback report and discuss how it can be used by students and staff to understand the feedback students receive and to help identify any common areas that require improvement.

Presented by...

Jessica Gramp
Jessica Gramp
Digital Education Advisor

Jessica has a background in web development and has been working to support the use of technology in educational institutions since 2004. Her particular interests centre around e-assessment, digital literacies and learning analytics.

Jessica works with departments across the Built Environment, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences to improve their e-learning provision.

Twitter: @jgramp

Matt Smith
UCL Engineering Learning Technologist


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