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Mistakes to avoid when creating online Moodle Courses

An awesome infographic which highlights the common mistakes that teachers make when designing online (Moodle) Courses.

The infographic will contain tips and trips for making courses more engaging but will also focus on quality and contextualization of resources.  

The resource will be a handy guide for those new to building online courses but also of great benefit to those who perhaps need to revisit some of their courses.

Presented by...

Lewis Carr
Lewis Carr

A well known UK Moodler/Designer/Developer/Teacher. Lewis has worked at one of the largest Further Educational Colleges in the UK where he built and supported a Moodle platform for over 10 years.  He has supported numerous other colleges, Universities and Work-Based Learning Providers up and down the country.  More recently, he worked for a large Moodle Partner before deciding to go it alone and run his own business.  He still attends regular JISC Supported Moodle User Groups in Yorkshire and Humber and keeps the FE community up-to-date with the latest Moodle developments.


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Lewis Carr
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