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Performance Testing Your Moodle

In many educational facilities, the Moodle instance is critical part of the IT infrastructure. With an almost 24x7 flow of activity from a wide range of users and team members.

Performance (or Load) testing your Moodle allows your organisation to be clear on the load tolerance and capabilities of the LMS and also encourages the organisation to care more about metrics such as average page load times.

Our learners are used to working with super-snappy solutions like Facebook and Google and don't ever want to be waiting for a page to load.

Catalyst has done a considerably amount of load testing on some of our larger Moodle instances over the last year - including load capacity of up to several million page views per day. And we have taken some lessons from this experience that will hopefully be of use to those of you with sizeable Moodle LMS instances on your management radar.:

  • Terminology: What is load testing, performance testing, Moodle benchmarking?
  • Why load test? What are the things that you get for your efforts.
  • How to load test? The tools and methods
  • Some Other tools in performance management. Some of the things you can use to.

Presented by...

Matt Porritt
Solutions Architect
Catalyst IT AU

Matt Porritt is the lead Solutions Architect in the Melbourne branch of Catalyst IT Australia. Matt has been working with Moodle and other eLearning solutions since 2008.

He has worked in Health, Educational and Private sectors both in technical and elearning focused roles, and is a technical professional through and through. Over the last 3 years, Matt has been involved in a number of large University projects as a Project Manager, Technical Lead, Moodle Developer and Infrastructure Engineer.

Andrew Boag


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