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Hosting Your Moodle: Cloud vs Internal

"To Cloud, or not to Cloud" ... that is the question. And one that more and more institutions are asking themselves.

A lot of the success of Moodle can be attributed to the Open Source heritage of the application that means setting up an instance of Moodle as a web application is not something that requires Enterprise Architects and six figure engagements. A smile comes to my face when I think of the stories I've seen of a Maths teacher in a remote school that wrestles up a school's Moodle on an old desktop under a desk somewhere by following an online howto.

With Moodle hosting. There are a number of great options out there. You don't have to go to an expensive Enterprise provider, you are welcome to run your own Moodle instance internally (on your own infrastructure) or externally (likely "cloud" in today's terminology)

There are strong arguments for internal and external hosting, but a lot depends on the organisation and the team who will be responsible for the LMS.

Talk aims to give you some food for thought when making the decision if you are considering how to host your own Moodle.

  • Is it broken? Don't just into change unless you are clear on the problem you are solving.
  • Why Internal? What are the reasons that make sense to host your Moodle internally.
  • Why External/Cloud? What are the use cases and advantages to an externally-hosted Moodle?
  • Manage Ourselves or hand over? Should we try to run the Moodle ourselves, or what are the pluses to handing the LMS over to managed hosting provider.
  • AWS vs Azure vs Rackspace vs Google Compute vs Bare Metal External: Some thoughts on how best to choose your external/cloud provider.

Presented by...

Andrew Boag
Managing Director
Catalyst IT Australia

Andrew Boag is the Managing Director of Catalyst IT Australia. Andrew has been working with Moodle and other eLearning solutions since 2008, being involved in School, University and Corporate LMS engagements. Catalyst is all about free and open source software solutions and Moodle is a big part of this offering.

Andrew's background is as a developer, software enginneer and solutions architect - although he rarely gets very close to the keyboard these days. Andrew originally heralds from New Zealand and lives in Sydney with his wife and three children. In his spare time Andrew likes to make his way slowly through Russian literature.


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