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Enhancing group assessment with Moodle, Mahara and Turnitin

A group portfolio can sometimes appear as a disjointed collection of documents, often lacking a cohesive narrative running through it. At Cranfield Defence and Security (one of four schools at Cranfield University), the decision was made to trial an online collaborative space to compile a digital portfolio to be used as an assessed piece of groupwork.  The Module Manager for the Systems Engineering Workshop module, part of the MSc in Systems Engineering for Defence Capability, had used the Mahara ePortfolio platform in the past to create an online digital poster and wanted to see if it could encourage his students to work together more as a group to compile a richer and more structured reflective online Portfolio.

This presentation will show you how three learning systems, Moodle, Mahara and Turnitin, were collectively used to support and deliver the week-long module:

  • Moodle - the ‘lynchpin’
    • to provide pre-reading/activities to complete prior to the start of the module

  • Mahara - the student space
    • to give the students the space to compile their group portfolio, discuss ideas, and collect evidence and artefacts

  • Turnitin - the assessment & feedback tool
    • to allow students to submit their work and for the assessors to write their feedback

Feedback and reflections from the students, lecturer and learning technologists will be shared throughout this talk, along with a showcase of how Mahara was used to create bespoke learning resources, along with the students’ finished portfolios.

Presented by...

Sam Taylor
Learning Technologist
Cranfield University

I am based at Cranfield Defence and Security (Defence Academy for United Kingdom) which is separate from the main campus of Cranfield University. I support the design, development and delivery of courses to students studying Post Graduate qualifications in subjects such as Defence, Security, Explosives, Guided Weapons and Forensics.

I have been involved in the Mahara and Moodle community for a number of years either as a teacher, systems support, or as a learning technologist. I have presented at many events on Moodle and Mahara, and have 'keynoted' in New Zealand and Germany on how Mahara can support assessment and learning.

Aurélie Owens


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Sam Taylor
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