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Moodle User Experience Design

Moodle HQ has been developing some powerful tools and techniques for the creation of User Interfaces. This allows Designers and Developers more freedom when creating a customized User Experience in Moodle. The new tools include Mustache templates and jQuery modules which allow a better separation of front-end and back-end development.

Creating User Interfaces and researching their effectiveness can be challenging. What is good for you does not always work for others. That’s why creating mock-ups, doing research and asking for feedback can help. Perhaps the most effective way of testing User Experience is observing users using your Moodle site.

The most powerful Moodle plugins to use when altering the User Interface are Themes and Course Formats. Themes can override the way most of the User Interfaces look and work and Course Formats allow you to optimize the presentation of your learning materials and activities. Sometimes, small tweaks and changes can be the solution for a common problem that users face when using or creating Moodle courses.

The aim for this presentation is to show you what you can do to identify issues on your Moodle site and to show how Moodle HQ and the Moodle community are working on the Moodle User Interface.

This presentation will include:
  • A brief introduction on the new Moodle tools to create User Interfaces.
  • Guidelines and tools to research when creating optimized User Experiences.
  • Examples of projects where the Moodle User Interface has been optimized for students, teachers and admins.
This presentation is targeted at anybody who is interested in making Moodle more engaging, fun and easy to use.

Presented by...

Bas Brands
Bas Brands

I am Moodle developer with a primary focus on the User Interface and design. I have been working with Moodle since 2009 and have been contributing to Moodle core themes and maintain a number of community plugins.


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Bas Brands
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