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Improving Turnitin Inductions with Moodle and Open Badges

Cranfield Defence and Security is one of four schools at Cranfield University. Based at the UK Defence Academy, our students are all mature learners studying post-graduate qualifications in engineering, science, acquisition, management or leadership. 

All students submit all coursework to Turnitin during their studies. They undertake a face-to-face Turnitin induction in an IT lab at the start of their studies. This allows them to get an overview of the tool and to see how the useful features such as the filters, similarity matches and feedback options work, as well as going through the process of submitting a document.

In our presentation, we will show you how we used a Moodle course with activities to guide the students through their induction. Upon completion of these activities, the students are rewarded with an Open Badge. This badge has been shown to be a great motivator for them to complete the training. All those who fail to obtain the badge are reported to their Course Director and may be prevented from submitting further coursework.

We will also share how we refined our training during the academic year after evaluating the initial launch in September 2015 and the reaction from our staff and students to Open Badges. We will demonstrate how we set up the Moodle course for the automation to work.

Presented by...

Aurélie Owens
Learning Technologist
Cranfield University

Aurélie’s focus is to support and help develop technology to enhance teaching and learning.

She has experience using a variety of tools and software for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). She currently support staff and students in the use of Moodle and Turnitin at Cranfield University, Cranfield Defence and Security school.

Aurélie has a passion for education and service delivery. Her strengths are in bespoke training delivery, process management and policy alignment relating to the VLE platform and integrated systems. Her main areas of interests are learning design as well as assessment and feedback using TEL. 

Sam Taylor


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Aurelie Owens
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