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So many plugin types!

Activities, blocks, enrolment and filters. There are so many plugin types available in Moodle, it's hard to know where to start.

In just 6.5 minutes I'll take you on a tour of the different plugin types and when you might want to use them.

Presented by...

Davo Smith
Senior Developer
Synergy Learning

Davo has been using Moodle and writing Moodle plugins for about 9 years. His first exposure to Moodle was at a Sixth Form college in Sheffield, teaching A-Level and BTEC IT. Most of his own plugins (Realtime Quiz, Checklist, PDF annotation) were written to support his own classroom teaching, but have gone on to be used in hundreds of institutions across the world (or even integrated into Moodle itself).

For the last 4 years Davo has worked for Moodle Partner Synergy Learning, developing custom code for many different clients.

Davo is married with two primary-age children. When not writing Moodle code, he is an active member of his local church in Sheffield, as well as helping to organise a couple of community festivals and supporting the local Green Party.


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Davo Smith
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