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Streamlining online learning experience with integrations and interface design in Aalto University.

Aalto University was founded in 2010 when three universities merged. All three universities had their own eLearning environments and teaching cultures. It soon became evident that the eLearning environment, with all legacy systems and processes, had become complicated. We needed fewer systems and easier access to basic tools.

Moodle was one of the widely used eLearning platforms in the university. Teachers seemed to be happy with the features, but at the same time, they felt that Moodle was complicated and confusing. To solve these issues we ran series of workshops and used incremental development.

Based on user feedback from workshops the development focused on creating a fixed course space structure and layout, making sure that teachers have easy access to tools they need and hiding unnecessary tools and information from user interface. During the workshops it became clear that we also needed integrations to simplify students' and teachers' workflows as much as possible.

In this presentation we go through the lessons learned from feedback-driven development, how we modified the Moodle user interface and components and how we managed the change from old systems to a new one.

Presented by...

Juha Martikainen
System Specialist, Aalto University IT Services
Aalto University

Former teacher and project manager, now a system specialist and technical designer for virtual learning environments and collaboration platforms in Aalto University Finland. Was the technical lead in Aalto Virtual Learning Environment -project and now technical administrator and designer of its result, MyCourses environment. 

Esa Salmio
Educational Developer, Aalto University Learning Services


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Juha Martikainen
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