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Test all the things! Improving code quality at the OU with Continuous Integration.

The Open University’s Moodle-based VLE supports a network of over 5,000 tutors delivering modules to over 100,000 students worldwide. The VLE platform is maintained by a team of developers delivering 4 releases each year.

This talk will discuss how we make use of our recently developed Continuous Integration system to support agile development practices, ensuring a consistent level of quality in released code. It will also explore our supporting infrastructure and broader quality assurance practices.

Presented by...

Mark Johnson
Technical Developer
The Open University

Mark has been a Moodle developer since 2009, has released several plugins and currently works for The Open University's VLE team.

He also presents the weekly Ubuntu Podcast, and sometimes writes stuff for his blog and

He likes beer and heavy metal. Say hello!

Tony Lin


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Mark Johnson
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