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Adaptive Quizzes with flow control

Ada Quiz is a new activity type in Moodle. Based on Moodle Quiz, it enables the teacher to guide the learner activity based on their score in different questions.

In a regular quiz, the student jumps from one question to the next. Adaptive Quiz module allows the quiz author to control the jump of the student to another question based on their performance.

Adaptive Quiz first displays an initial question and, depending on the jump rule which is usually the score value within a predefined threshold, the next question is chosen. This process continues until a terminal question is reached.

A carefully planned Adaptive Quiz results on a customized itinerary of questions that adapts to the knowledge of any student with flexibility. Authors can easily create Adaptive Quiz activities just selecting the questions and the jump rules.

Teachers are able to review the questions that a student has attempted, its scoring and the choices that Adaptive Quiz has done.

Highlight features

  1. Inherited from the quiz module:
    1. Creating questionnaires is similar to the default Moodle Quiz module.
    2. Complete teacher reviews.
    3. Ability to use any question type available in Moodle. Also compatible with WIRIS quizzes question types (for math and science).
  2. The specific enhancements of Adaptive Quiz are the jump rules which are based on:
    1. Choice based on grading thresholds.
    2. Direct successor (no choice at all).
    3. Or students choice.


This Moodle module is supported by Open University of Catalonia, CIRAX and Maths for More (

It is available today for installation and it will be published under an open source agreement before the German Moodlemoot in Lübeck.

Presented by...

Carles Aguiló
VP Education
Maths for more

Carles Aguiló is responsible end-customer sales worldwide (except China), plus he gives a hand in marketing and in the user support of the French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish speaking communities. He has been part of the content development team at Maths for More.  


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Judit Soria
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