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AMPing Moodle Modules

This poster will outline the introduction of the Advice on Module Page (AMP) service offered by the Educational Technology Team to academic staff at City University London. The AMP is a personalised online service that provides recommendations to engage and support academic staff in designing more effective Moodle modules.

The output of this service is the AMP report which is aligned to the module learning outcomes and personalised to the academic’s requirements. The report, which is written by the Educational Technology Team after a review of the module, provides up to three recommendations focused on module design and creation and integration of online activities. The anticipated time required to implement each of the recommendations is indicated in order to support academic staff when starting with a low or medium impact approach (Alammary et al., 2014) to blended learning.

Providing an indication of the time requirement is important as recent University and College Information Systems Association (UCISA) surveys into Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in UK Higher Education Institutions have highlighted that the biggest barrier to staff engagement with educational technology is time.

“Lack of time remains the leading barrier to TEL development, consolidating its position at the top of the list which it has held dating back to the 2005 Survey.” (Walker et al., 2014, p.2.)

The report can help staff to improve their Moodle module with quick wins in a short timescale. While the AMP provides specific advice, it can contribute to an academic’s long-term engagement with the effective use of Moodle as it promotes reflection on the relationship between learning outcomes and Moodle activities. It also promotes a more reflective attitude towards the module design.

To date we have delivered recommendations around the following areas:
  • how to improve the structure and layout of double-credit modules which often run over two terms and can involve multiple lecturers.
  • how to structure a module to support students’ self-directed study time.
  • how to improve student engagement with an online activity.
  • advice on designing and structuring online activities.
  • advice on effective content design for online learning.

Initial feedback from academic staff on the AMP service has been positive and we are in the process of evaluating our first AMP reports.

  • Alammary, A., Sheard, J. & Carbone, A. (2014) 'Blended Learning in higher education: Three different design approaches.' Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 2014, 30(4), pp:440-454
  • Walker, R. Voce, J., Nicholls, J., Swift, E., Ahmed, J.,  Horrigan, S., & Vincent, P. (2014) 2014 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education UCISA  Report  [online] Available from: (Accessed: 19.12.15)

Presented by...

Olivia Fox
Senior Educational Technologist
City University London
Joel Armando
Lisa Baker
Thomas Hanley
Peter Kogan & Connie Tse


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Olivia Fox
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