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Scalable and Repeatable Development with a Personalised Touch

London University launched its flagship MPAcc masters early this year.  It is based on a highly repeatable and scalable development model, and a new pedagogic model with varied study pathways incorporating online tutors. Its delivery is Moodle based, but enriched with interactive content, study planners and student progress logs, and adds new feedback and support modules for both student and tutor.  Crucially its development supports academics and learning technologists in their delivery of large scale academic content and new functionality to agreed schedules.

Does this come at the expense of the student experience?  No, there are consistently applied interactions and personalisation for the student, leading to enhanced support and potential intervention from the tutor.  The MPAcc has launched now, but this is the start of a journey that will soon (in 2016) lead to a truly personalised and adaptive learning experience for the student.  What's more it will be repeatable, open and available to all courses and developments.

This presentation will be of particular interest to instructional designers and content developers who understand content standards, and who are taking a strategic approach to the development of online learning within an overall digital strategy.

Presented by...

Ken Currie

Spent 30 years in research at Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities - Physics, AI and Business.  Co-founding director of the graduate business school at Heriot-Watt, and designer/lead developer of their online distance MBA and u/g Management Programmes.  Retired to CAPDM - a specialist company with 20 years experience in online distance learning.

Designed and developed many HEIs digital strategy and online initiatives.  Currently working with London University International Programmes team.

Jonathon Thomas
London University


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Ken Currie
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