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Before We Begin: Guiding Learner Expectations via a Preparatory MOOC

The period of transition to third level study can, for some learners, trigger what is known as "entry shock". Although we now live in a so-called digital age students new to higher education, who pursue online and flexible modes of study, are nonetheless faced with significant additional challenges. Accordingly, the Toolbox for Flexible Learners project developed a suite of digital tools to help these learners to both self-evaluate and improve their readiness for flexible study. Informed by research in student success, identity creation and student readiness these rich media self-diagnostic tools allow prospective students for example to:

  • Plan and budget their time
  • Determine their digital/computer literacy
  • Identify supports they will need
  • Write assignments

The tools have been made available under open source and creative commons licenses. They are now being wrapped within a specially designed MOOC, delivered in a new Moodle MOOC platform. This presentation will describe these tools and how we are developing the MOOC to socialize a cohort of learners who particularly need help in transitioning to further study.

Presented by...

Eamon Costello
Information Technology Course Director
Dublin City University

Dr. Costello is chair of an online BSc. in Information Technology and BSc. in Management of Information Technology and Information Systems in Dublin City University. His Doctoral study analysed the implications of massively distributed collaborative development processes for education and educational technology and focused on the community of the Open Source VLE Moodle. He is part of the National Institute for Digital Learning based in DCU.

Mark Brown
James Brunton


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Eamon Costello
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