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Updating a plugin: Making Question Practice work with Moodle 3.0

Updating a plugin to work with the latest version of Moodle is often relatively easy. The Question Practice plugin allows students to practice with questions from the question bank but it was only compatible with Moodle up to 2.5. Over Christmas 2015 I updated it to work with Moodle 2.7 to 3.0.


I will describe the steps I took to do this and how you might do it for any other plugin. I will talk about some typical issues, what you need to know, what are the basic tools and the essentials of testing.

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Marcus dreams in pastel
Marcus Green
Moodle Developer
York St John University

UK based programmer and teacher, co-author of two books on Java certification, technical editor/contributor on several other programming books. Have written for Micromart, Linux User and Linux format magazines. Discovered Moodle in Spring 2003 and have been visiting ever since.

Developer of the Gapfill question type which makes creating Gapfill question, very very easy.  Maintainer of the BTEC grading method plugin. More code for Moodle by Marcus is at


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Marcus Green
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