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Conditions and Restrictions: Advanced Course Setup

One day a customer came to us saying: "I want a self-paced course, ten modules long for our business application. Each trainee should be able to see only the sections that are relevant to the role he/she has in that application. Each module should automatically open only when participant meets a required score in the previous module and at the end, I want a summative assessment to the whole content, so trainee will be certified on the business application in that role. Can you do that?" We said: "Yes!"

This is the case study of two self-paced courses with personalized learning paths. Grade conditions, group and grade restrictions implied in two levels created a sophisticated online course. This presentation will be a step-by-step guide for new and experienced course developers who will be able to replicate the approach followed here in their own similar cases.

The challenge, the concept, the approach, the methodology, the implications of this course setup will be presented here, among with end users point-of-view and feedback. 

Presented by...

Anna Krassa
GAClearn Management Consultant
GAC Corporate Academy

Hello everyone I am Anna! Or kanna... :-)

Few things about me? I'll keep it short:

Moodle Certified Teacher for a decade now,

MCCC Mentor - Assessor with HRDNZ MP,

GAClearn Management Consultant for GAC Corporate Academy and

MUA Committee Member

That's all! Oh! And I am from Greece, so if my English "sound bit Greek to you", don't be surprised! ;-)


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Anna Krassa
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