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Help Yourself: How to Support Users with Limited Resources

At UCL over recent years we have seen a number of things happen, which has dramatically increased the demand on Moodle support. Firstly the institution has grown, seeing an increase in both staff and students numbers. Additionally the use of Moodle has not only grown in popularity, but many people are starting to gain confidence and move beyond the basics to more advanced usage of the system.

This is all great news, but without more staff to support the system this means more work for the same amount of people. With the institution set to continue growing at a certain point the maths doesn't work. We cannot continue to offer the same support model to an ever increasing user base. 

What is the solution? Put simply, push back and smarter use of resources. There are many excellent Moodle support resources available on the web, especially through This presentation will explore how we can keep the balance between having institutionally tailored help, that caters to our specific needs, and reducing the amount of time that we have to spend answering support requests and replicating documentation for our internal audience. 

Presented by...

Domi Sinclair
Learning Technologist
University College London (UCL)


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Domi Sinclair
Last modified: Friday, 26 February 2016, 10:35 AM
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