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Making more of 'expect completed on'

Who uses the 'expect completed on' or knows much about this setting of activity completion? The title looks promising however the one line in the documentation explains that this is not shown to students and only displayed in the activity completion report. 

Is there more we can do with this? In particular using it to help our participants know when they are expected to be doing key things like reading course materials ahead of important dates and aggregating these across all enrolled courses? All this without requiring the participant to officially 'complete' any activity by this date.

One course overview customisation developed by Catalyst for the University of Cambridge Executive MBA programme leveraged this setting to provide participants with a dynamic "ToDo list" of current tasks.

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Lenka Kolesarova
Product Expert
Catalyst IT Europe Limited

A former in-house Moodle administrator at Masaryk University, in the Czech Republic, Lenka has been working at Catalyst IT Europe in Brighton, East Sussex for the last year and a half.

After logging in to the same Moodle every day for over five years she is now working with various different installations, both new and existing, and not just with Moodle but Totara, Mahara and Drupal platforms as well.

Stacey Walker
Paul Walker


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Stacey Walker
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