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Can’t use / won’t use Moodle and everything in between! Assisting academic staff in moving from face-to-face to online distance teaching within Moodle.


The highs and lows of partnering with academic staff to develop online distance learning courses in Moodle. The College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Science at the University of Glasgow has launched an initiative to introduce online distance learning programmes. Online teaching is very new for many of the academic staff at Glasgow, and most are mainly familiar with only face-to-face teaching. In this presentation we will share some of the lessons learned and advice for others from our experience in developing online distance learning. 

Areas discussed will include:

  • Developing confidence in explaining the options and practicalities of Moodle and other technologies
  • Thinking outside of the box to create and receive content from academic staff
  • Influencing skills to match the style of the academic member of staff
  • Help guides, creating of staff induction on Moodle, assisting students to become independent learners 
  • Time involved in building online materials

Presented by...

Jenny Crow
E-Learning Technology Specialist
University of Glasgow
Jo-Anne Murray
Neeraj Bhardwaj


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Jenny Crow
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[email protected]
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