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Meteorology Simulator learning activity plug-in

The Met Office College trains Meteorologists here in the UK and from all over the world. Recently we have been working with Catalyst IT Europe to produce an exciting new plug-in for Moodle which allows trainers to build weather case-study simulations as Moodle learning activities.

Simulations provide a safe way for people to practice skills and put their knowledge to the test, most industries and professions use simulations in one way or another to help train their staff and assess their competence.

In the Meteorology training community simulation exercises have been used as a way for operational meteorologists to practice their skills in a measured learning environment.

The MetSim plug-in is based on the simulator tool developed by EUMETSAT. It allows a trainer to simulate a day on the bench by delivering case study data to a student as it would come to them in the real world. The trainer has control over what data the student has access to and when. The trainer can set the speed at which the simulation runs, making it possible to simulate a full days case study in one classroom session.

A trainer can build a simulation using case study data and use it to deliver learning points, monitor a student’s decision making, assess processes and much more. A simulation experience can be designed in any number of different ways and how you design your simulator will depend on your learning need, desired outcomes, and your organizational context.

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Brendan Kilshaw
Met Office College
Catalyst IT Europe


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