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Fill in the gaps question types for mere Mortals

The Gapfill question type is very, very easy to us, probably the easiest of all question types available to Moodle. At the end of this presentation you will know how create basic useful questions without error.

The core functionality can be described in one 7 word sentence. 

"Put square braces around the missing words".

When you look at a question the correct answer is obvious

The [cat] sat on the [mat]

Is clearer than The [[1]] sat on the [[2]]


 The {SA:=cat} sat on the {SA:=mat}

This presentation will describe why you should install and use this plugin and the advantages it has over similar question types.

I will describe how to create questions that have gaps that should be left blank to get a mark, which is either sneaky or a rigorous test of student knowledge. I will describe the creation of categorisations questions, i.e. drag the options into tables with canine, feline and bovine.

I will describe the creation of gaps that can take multiple values, color or colour can be acceptable in the same gap. I will describe its use to create questions about programming languages that require the use of "special" characters.

Presented by...

Marcus Green
Moodle Developer
York St John University


Submitted by:
Marcus Green
Last modified: Monday, 29 February 2016, 8:38 PM
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[email protected]
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