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10 Things to do to with your Moodle today

This talk focuses on presenting 10 straightforward things that are easily implementable which you can do to both improve the Moodle experience for your users and to serve as a "health check" for your Moodle implementation.

It covers a range of areas including configuration, change management and user experience. Points cover topics of interest to administrators and educators.

Every Moodle implementation is different, however there are also common themes and challenges. These key 10 points will be valuable to you and your organisation, whether you are just beginning your Moodle journey or have a mature Learning Management System (LMS).

Presented by...

Matt Porritt
Soulutions Architect
Catalyst IT

Matt Porritt is the lead Solutions Architect in the Melbourne branch of Catalyst IT Australia. Matt has been working with Moodle and other eLearning solutions since 2008.

He has worked in Health, Educational and Private sectors both in technical and elearning focused roles, and is a technical professional through and through. Over the last 3 years, Matt has been involved in a number of large University projects as a Project Manager, Technical Lead, Moodle Developer and Infrastructure Engineer.


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Matt Porritt
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