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Implementing Forum and Assignment in a Group Mode as LTI Objects for Cooperative Learning Activities

Moodle is used as an in-house e-learning platform in most institutions. It provides services to only the users within the organization. The presenter and his research team have been trying to break the norm by connecting several Moodle sites together for collaborative learning projects. We used Moodle Networking at first, but LTI was found to be more secure, functional, and useful. By creating an LTI object on a central Moodle server, we could share, or “consume,” the object in each local Moodle course.

The team has published several Moodle modules as LTI objects in order to test. In the latest project, Moodle Forum and Assignment modules were used together as a two-part serial LTI project. The two modules utilized group mode to facilitate cooperative learning.

Students from four universities in Japan engaged in a project to research the powers of countries in the world. The LTI Forum facilitated the discussion with each student choosing a role cooperatively with members of their group. The subsequent Assignment activity required the students to submit reports as a group. After the activities, assignment assessments graded using a rubric were then shown to have returned grades automatically from the central server to each local Moodle course.

This presentation will show how the project was designed and implemented, and propose some ideas for improving the LTI plugin.

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Hideto D. Harashima
Hideto D. Harashima
Moodle Association of Japan / Maebashi Institute of Technology

Hideto D. Harashima has been President of Moodle Association of Japan for six years. He is also among the initial committee members of Moodle Users Association. He teaches English and Linguistics as Professor at Maebashi Institute of Technology in Japan.


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Hideto Harashima
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