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The Open2Study MOOC

In late 2012, Open Universities Australia (OUA) decided to develop Open2Study, a massive open online course (MOOC) platform for online learning. A multi-million dollar project, Open2Study now enables students worldwide to complete four-week modules from a range of free university courses over the web.

Open2Study is a Moodle-based MOOC platform with free courses from a number of international contributing Universities. From subjects ranging from Climate Change, Conflict Resolution to Chinese Language and Culture.

Three years after go live, Open2Study has over 500,000 student enrolments is still generating up to 1 million page views per day from all over the world. All this without charging any money for the learning material. Still free and open.

Open2Study is a great story to tell around the power of Moodle as an LMS, and how it allowed OUA to concentrate on optimising the learning experience and not building the whole platform from the ground up.

In this presentation we will talk about the build story of Open2Study and present some theories onto why it has been such a success in terms of ongoing participation and engagement.

Best of all, Open2Study is still completely free and open, so please log in yourself, enrol in some courses and be inspired!

Presented by...

Andrew Boag
Managing Director
Catalyst IT

Andrew Boag is the Managing Director of Catalyst IT Australia. Andrew has been working with Moodle and other eLearning solutions since 2008, being involved in School, University and Corporate LMS engagements. Catalyst is all about free and open source software solutions and Moodle is a big part of this offering.

Andrew's background is as a developer, software enginneer and solutions architect - although he rarely gets very close to the keyboard these days. Andrew originally heralds from New Zealand and lives in Sydney with his wife and three children. In his spare time Andrew likes to make his way slowly through Russian literature.


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Andrew Boag
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