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Infrastructure and Integrations for 15k users, MyCourses environment in Aalto University

The poster will sum up the starting points and lessons learned for the technical planning of our IT infrastructure and the planning of integration of course data, user data and service features. It will also give a graphical depiction of the IT infrastructure and the integrations currently in use in the MyCourses environment. 

MyCourses is a Moodle based eLearning environment for all courses in Aalto University, Finland. It was designed to replace several legacy systems and to improve the user experience and processes of eLearning at Aalto University. 

This poster is related to the presentation Streamlining online learning experience with integrations and interface design in Aalto University

Presented by...

Juha Martikainen
Juha Martikainen
System Specialist, Aalto University IT Services
Aalto University

Former teacher and project manager, now a system specialist and technical designer for virtual learning environments and collaboration platforms in Aalto University Finland. Was the technical lead in Aalto Virtual Learning Environment -project and now technical administrator and designer of its result, MyCourses environment.


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Juha Martikainen
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