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Building a More Student Centric Moodle

Since implementing Moodle in 2010, the University of Strathclyde's Moodle Service, Myplace, has evolved into the key student-facing (it's not a portal) service, that handles not only the day-to-day delivery of teaching & learning activities, but administration and communications for 22,000 students.

Moodle's emphasis has been towards a "class-centric" approach, where teachers own all of the content within the walls of a class. Increasingly it is necessary to provide views to students (and staff) that look across all of a user's activities. In addition administrative tasks are increasingly being taken on by teams of staff, whose remit is much wider than traditionally supported by Moodle, and who require effective tools for both bulk and targeted administration.

We'll talk about what core features of Moodle we use to achieve this, and the custom developments that have been required as well.

Presented by...

Michael Hughes
Senior Systems Developer
University of Strathclyde

I am an Senior Systems Analyst / Developer at the University of Strathclyde, where I am one 2 developers who look after the Institution's Moodle installation for approx. 22,000 users.

I have been working with Moodle since 2010 and in addition to developing custom plugins for our Moodle, I have also contributed code to core Moodle.

Previously I worked in developing simulation-based learning software for professional learning.


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Michael Hughes
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