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‘The front door to all our learning’ – developing Moodle in a global engineering firm

Arup is an independent firm of 13000 designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Our projects include the Sydney Opera House, the London Aquatics Centre, and the Shard to name but a few. In 2009 Arup University was formed as a strategic tool designed to help the firm achieve its goals by fostering individual and organizational learning.

Arup University has developed our Moodle platform to be the front door to all our learning, whether that is internal or external, classroom based, e-learning, an informal lunchtime talk, or even just a video. This presentation will explore our Moodle journey, including how we have personalised a single Moodle platform for 5 regions, integrated with other systems, and extended / developed new solutions e.g. Learning Bursts, Learning Events and Online Appraisal.

The presentation aims to give an overview of how we have developed Moodle to meet Arup’s needs as a collaborative organisation with a strong knowledge sharing ethos.  

Supporting info:

  • Learning Events - customisation of the Moodle calendar to support lunchtime talks, including registrations and attendance tracking
  • Online Appraisal - a new local plugin written to deliver our firm’s annual performance and development appraisals
  • Integration – our Moodle platform integrates with Oracle for enrolment workflow and learning histories, Kaltura for video, Adobe Connect for virtual classrooms, and most recently we have enabled LTI for
  • Learning Bursts - a customisation of the one page format to allow our technical experts to design and build "very rapid" informal learning content and track within Moodle.

Presented by...

Chris Gibbons
Global Learning Technologies Lead

Chris Gibbons is an Associate at Arup and currently the Global Learning Technologies Lead for Arup University. He started his career as a structural engineer before moving into design and project management roles. He joined Arup in 2005, advising various private healthcare organisations on NHS information management and technology systems specifically around information governance. Over the last 4-5 years he has created and led the vision for a global learning platform in Arup which now has 13000 users and 500+ courses. Most recently he has rolled out, in Moodle, a new appraisal tool for the Australasia region and is currently working to expand this globally. In his spare time he advises schools on ICT strategy.

Vicky Hague


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Chris Gibbons
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