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Assessment and Feedback Policy? TL;DR

AKA Supporting (Assessment & Feedback) Policy Compliance through Convenience.

Every institution sets out how they intend to operate through policies, procedures and regulations, but how many people actually read them? All of the good practice set out in these, are meaningless if they aren't followed or even worse have been banished to darkest areas of your institution's intranet.

Yet almost all educational establishments have invested in Learning Management Systems, VLEs, Student records systems...

In 2014 the University of Strathclyde we recently went through a refresh of our assessment and feedback policy. Traditionally the remit of senior academics, we were able to form a wide-ranging working group that brought together not only academics and teachers, but also administrative and technical staff, allow us to not only consider the pedagogic rigour, but also to take the policy and encode it in to the day to day working of the institution.

We're creating and using Moodle tools to:

  • guide staff into re-shaping their gradebooks to be clearer to students, to help their understanding of class marks, 
  • capture useful information about how work shall be graded, who is responsible for the grading and when it will be returned to them,
  • set sensible defaults,
  • communicate to staff their obligations,
  • help staff communicate better with their students, 
  • leverage mobile technologies to make the communication more effective
  • convert our assessment & feedback policies and converting them to just-in-time, best-practice guidance within the VLE.

We'll look at how the University of Strathclyde has been taking good practice and policies around Assessment and Feedback, and trying to make it easier to comply with them than it is to ignore them.

Presented by...

Michael Hughes
Senior Systems Analyst / Developer
University of Strathclyde


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Michael Hughes
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