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Going Offline with E-learning in the real world

This presentation is about how Moodle is getting used in some real examples offline in the real world.  It will look at examples from the Humanitarian sector, how the offlineplayers are distributed, how content is controlled and distributed. The talk will also discuss how results are managed in the central systems. 

It will also expand on the specific case presented last year talk about what is working and what isn't


  • Why do we need offline player(s)
  • How they currently work
  • Impact of Moodle offline applications

The Projects

  • How offline is currently getting used
  • Things that work and current challenges
  • results from use
  • Future Roadmap

Presented by...

Paul Stevens
Managing Director
Catalyst IT

Paul is currently the Managing Director at Catalyst IT (Europe).  He first got involved with Elearning delivering the Totara LMS core project in April 2011 ( and then ran the Catalyst New Zealand Elearning team and several LMS implementations.  His notable projects include the deliveries of LMS's to much of the New Zealand government agencies,  the World Largest Moodle implementation and involvement with the design and development of the UNICEF Agora platform.


Submitted by:
Paul Stevens
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