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Addressing the student voice: Implementing a phased introduction of a Moodle template.

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has a firmly integrated virtual learning environment with Moodle as the core. It is integrated with the Student Records System (SRS) and other institutional systems “wrapping the institution around the individual learner” (Stubbs, 2014).

Developments have been informed by ongoing consultation with students via a tri-annual Internal Student Survey (ISS). This enables students to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback on their learning, teaching and assessment experience on each unit within their programme of study.

The 2014/15 iteration of the ISS (47,000 free text comments) underwent a detailed thematic analysis of 2072 comments pertaining to learning technologies. Key concerns of the students centred on organisation, effective communications and the need for up-to-date content. As a result, the Learning Innovation Team developed a toolkit and approach to address these concerns by  promoting two recommendations, “consistency of use” and “adherence to the content thresholds”. This was done by generating a Moodle development toolkit, which included a Moodle checklist, a Moodle template based on identified good practice and a guidance document on “What does a well organised Moodle area look like”.

This paper will explore the background, rationale and implementation of a standardised Moodle template across 3 faculties. It goes on to explore the results of this implementation by relating outcomes to the latest iteration of the 2015/16 ISS involving 2500 free text comments relating to learning technologies.

Presented by...

Steven Williams
Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor
Manchester Metropolitan University
Paul Dyson
Chris Meadows
Cath Wasiuk


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