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A Moodle Usability Study

In August 2015, members of the Moodle community, including staff from Moodle HQ, were involved in a usability study hosted by the University of Minnesota. Using state-of-the-art facilities the study was able to closely observe the actions of users who represented a range of abilities. Participants were asked to complete a set of basic teacher tasks that were suggested by community members. The study was revealing and identified improvements that could be made in the user interface for course sections and organisation, messaging, navigation, user lists and more. In this presentation, the study will be described including the preparation, context, participation and impending changes.

A report on the study is given here.

Presented by...

Michael de Raadt
Research Director
Moodle HQ

Dr Michael de Raadt is Research Director at Moodle HQ where he conducts, collects and promotes educational technology research, organises conferences and manages grants. He has experience as an academic in the university sector and has numerous publications in the areas of educational technology and computing education. Michael holds postgraduate qualifications in computing and education. In his free time he loves being with his family and enjoys swimming, jogging and hiking.


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Michael de Raadt
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