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Continually deploying Moodle with Component Manager

Floream Learning is a trail-blazing education business which was founded in 2012 with the purchase of Home Learning College, the UK’s leading online professional training provider.


Component Manager is a non-commercial, free and open source tool developed by Floream to facilitate continuous deployment of complex, large scale Moodle platforms.

This presentation will focus on the challenges Floream faced in migrating from a single customised platform to numerous heavily customised platforms and the solutions, in policy and in tooling, we developed.

Key outcomes:

  1. Lessons learned in deploying Moodle and plugins from Git.
  2. Recommended strategy for deploying customised Moodle platforms reliably and quickly.
  3. Tips for designing Moodle plugins for maximum utility across multiple platforms.

Presented by...

Luke Carrier
Moodle developer
Floream Limited

A Moodle developer with over four years of experience implementing, developing and maintaining deployments of various sizes.

Firmly believe in open source software software, and am actively working within Floream to increase our community involvement through the open source releases of our plugins.


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Luke Carrier
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