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How blended are your programmes?

The term blended learning is not new but it is becoming more commonplace nowadays particularly in higher education. Defining blended learning is relatively easy but measuring it is another matter altogether. One course could involve one face to face session and the rest could be online, a second course could be the opposite but technically speaking they are both blended.

The talk will outline how we are capturing data from Moodle to help measure "the blend".

Presented by...

Mark Glynn
Head of Teaching Enhancement

Mark has a PhD in Chemistry, a MSc in e-learning and certificates in Learning and Teaching in higher education and online assessment. Mark has a deep insight into the key issues for higher education in Ireland. He plays key leadership roles in promoting innovative teaching and learning methods throughout the sector and is considered to be a leading authority in the use of virtual learning environments. Mark has also had leadership roles in the Irish Learning Technology Association.

Mark has organised a range of national and international teaching and learning conferences for higher education. The main aim of his current role is to encourage and enable staff in DCU to increase their capacity to offer flexible learning. This involves managing both organisational and pedagogical based projects.

Gavin Henrick


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Mark Glynn
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