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Using Moodle as a MOOC platform in the classroom

There are a number of factors cited that make it difficult for students to adjust to third level life including: financial pressures; the wrong choice of programme or module; difficulties with making friends or being homesick. This presentation will look at how a MOOC was developed in Moodle to address the needs of students making this transition from 2nd to 3rd level education. The MOOC has been piloted in secondary schools and uses Moodle in a blended approach. Blending teacher-led classroom activities with Moodle collaborative activities, e-tivities and quizzes. The Gilly Salmon 5 stage Model was used as a pedagogical framework to the MOOCs weekly structure. The presentation will report on the successful development of Moodle as a MOOC platform.

Presentation Objectives
This presentation will explore:
  • Why Moodle was used for this Transitions MOOC
  • How Moodle was used to create the MOOC
  • Blending Moodle into the classroom
  • Using Gilly Salmon's pedagogical framework in a 'Moodle MOOC'

Presented by...

Jennifer Gilligan
IT Sligo

Jennifer works as an Open Learning Research Associate for the Centre for Online learning at IT Sligo, in the North West of Ireland. She is currently working on a variety of Open Learning Projects which mainly focus on the Theme of 'Transitions'. Her main project is a Transition MOOC designed for Secondary School students which is being developed within Moodle using Gilly Salmons five-stage pedagogical model. She is also working as part of the development group in conjunction with Epegium and other colleges and universities in the development of a suite of online courses which are also based around Transitioning students and Blended Learning. 

Jennifer has worked as previously as an e-tutor and enjoys designing and developing content, researching new technologies and using them within her projects. 


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Jennifer Gilligan
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