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Panopto, a Moodle plugin: How an HEI uses it as a teaching/learning tool

Panopto is a video platform that can be integrated into Moodle to provide rapid development of live lecture recordings.  This HEI has integrated Panopto successfully into Moodle and widely uses it as a teaching and learning tool throughout the campus. This HEI's Online Learning strategy is to provide easy to use, agile course development tools for lecturers.

  • Why choose Panopto
  • Suitability for non-technical lecturers
  • How much administration is required for the lecturer
  • Benefits for lecturers
  • Benefits for student
  • Where are the video files are stored/available
  • Access to the video files
  • Uses beyond the online classroom.

Presented by...

Louise Kearins
Louise Kearins
Instructional Designer
IT Sligo

Louise works as an Instruction Designer for the Centre for Online learning at IT Sligo, in the North West of Ireland. Her work includes supporting and training lecturers / programme teams towards achieving agreed standards for online and blended delivery. She helps identify instructional design strategies appropriate to circular objectives and supports lecturers on the practical day to day use of Moodle.

Louise has over 10 years training experience in the private and public sector, helping lecturers/ teachers/ tutors integrate a variety of teaching technologies in their classrooms.  In addition Louise has practical experience working as an tutor/etutor/ instructional designer in a variety of projects, continually working to improve the student learning experience.


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Louise Kearins
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[email protected]
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Instructional Designer
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