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A Moodle plugin for embedding cultural and scientific resources: EEXCESS

The vision of EEXCESS ( ) is to push high-quality content from the so-called long tail to platforms and devices which are used every day. Instead of navigating a multitude of libraries, repositories and databases, users will find relevant and specialised information in their habitual environment.

Aside other client types (Chrome extension, Google docs plugin, WordPress plugin) we created a Moodle plugin to enrich your lesson preparation and your homework with references from cultural and scientific databases.

While reading a page and while writing an article it analyzes the actual paragraph, does semantic analysis and uses a federated recommendation service to suggest resources from cultural and scientific data providers. (Europeana, Econbiz, Mendeley, Rijksmuseum, etc. ).

With a single click it is possible to embed the resource or citation into the own article.

All EEXCESS development is open source and available at

Source code, installation instructions and installation file for the EEXCESS Moodle plugin is available on two places, as it consists of two plugins:

- local plugin:

- atto editor plugin:

Presented by...

Gerhard Doppler
International Development
bit media e-solutions


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Gerhard Doppler
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