Moodle HQ at the Moodlemoot

One of the benefits of attending a Moodlemoot is networking with other Moodlers from around the community and across the globe.

In Dublin, we are lucky to be joined by some well-known members of the Moodle Team.

Martin Dougiamas Martin Dougiamas, Founder of Moodle
Martin is the founder and lead developer of Moodle. He lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has been working on Internet stuff for 23 years, and in particular, most of his experience has been in education at a tertiary level. He was webmaster of a large university since the web started, and manager of a WebCT system for some years after that. He has postgraduate degrees in Computer Science and Education plus most of a PhD entitled "The use of Open Source software to support a social constructionist epistemology of teaching and learning within Internet-based communities of reflective inquiry" (Moodle didn't let him finish it!)

His main mission in life now is Moodle. He started it in 1999 and since then the project has been growing exponentially in terms of size and activity. Now he works from Moodle HQ each day with many different people from around the world on a ever-widening variety of things.

Michael de Raadt Michael de Raadt, Research Director
Dr Michael de Raadt is Research Director at Moodle HQ where he conducts, collects and promotes educational technology research, organises conferences and manages grants. He has experience as an academic in the university sector.

Michael has numerous publications in the areas of educational technology and computing education. He holds postgraduate qualifications in computing and education. In his time off Michael loves being with his family and enjoys swimming, jogging and hiking.

Mary CoochMary Cooch, Moodle Community Educator
Before joining Moodle HQ, Mary Cooch taught languages (French and German) for 28 years in an English high school. In 2006, her school adopted Moodle and she fell in love with it and very quickly went on to show teachers in her school and elsewhere how to make the most of it, something she continues to do today with her books, videos and blog posts. Mary works as Moodle Community Educator, helping in the forums and with documentation and looking after the School demo and the Community Hub Once a teacher, still a teacher!

David MudrákDavid Mudrák, Community Development Manager
David is Moodle core developer and a proud member of the Moodle HQ crew. His current job is to support the world-wide community of Moodle plugins developers to produce top-quality add-ons for our beloved learning platform.

In the past, David was freelance developer (PHP, Python, Zope/Plone, Lotus Notes), ICT teacher and information literacy researcher. His PhD in pedagogy focused on cognitive skills required for processing structured data, information and knowledge (that's why you may notice him sketching various mind and concept maps on random subjects).

David is maintainer of the Czech language pack for Moodle. He is the author of several Moodle plugins, including Workshop 2.x module and other add-ons. He is the author and the current maintainer of AMOS, the Moodle language translation tool.

Dan PoltawskiDan Poltawski, Senior Analyst Developer

Dan Poltawski is a Senior Developer and Integrator at Moodle HQ. His major responsibilities include reviewing code contributions, deciding what changes will be included in each Moodle release.

Dan first became involved with Moodle in 2005 when he architected a centralised Moodle platform for Cumbria and Lancashire Local Education Authorities in England. The platform grew to 1000 schools and over 250,000 learners and was one of the largest Moodle installations in the world with over 1000 distinct installations.

Following the large scale Moodle deployment for schools, Dan also worked on a number of other projects with universities in the UK, helping support and develop Moodle for institutions such as The Open University, University College London, Goldsmiths and Lancaster University.

In 2012, Dan moved from the UK to Perth, Australia to join the team at Moodle Headquarters and recently returned to the UK where he continues to work full time for Moodle HQ.

When not working on Moodle, Dan can be found performing with the Batala samba-reggae drumming band.

Juan Leyva

Juan Leyva, Analyst Developer
Juan Leyva is an analyst developer and the Moodle Mobile team leader at Moodle HQ. He has been working in the development of the Moodle Mobile official app for two years.
He has also contributed in other areas of Moodle development, like Web Services and add-ones (configurable reports, LTI Provider and jmail).

Danny BontaDanny Bonta, Business Analyst
Danilo Bonta is the Business Analyst at Moodle HQ where he leads the business intelligence processes, transforming raw data into meaningful, useful, and action-oriented enterprise information in order to develop new ideas and improve the Moodle Partnership Program.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master degree in Business Strategies from the University of Siena (Italy).

Danny is a member of AIM (the Australian Institute of Management). In addition his passion for soccer allowed him to become a recognised FIFA football player’s agent.


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