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BartDr. Bart Rienties is Reader in Learning Analytics at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University UK. He is programme director Learning Analytics within IET and Chair of Student Experience Project Intervention and Evaluation group, which focusses on evidence-based research on intervention of 15 modules to enhance student experience.

As educational psychologist, he conducts multi-disciplinary research on work-based and collaborative learning environments and focuses on the role of social interaction in learning, which is published in leading academic journals and books.


Learning Analytics: The good, the bad, or perhaps ugly?
Learning analytics provide institutions with opportunities to support student progression and to enable personalised, rich learning. With the increased availability of large datasets, powerful analytics engines, and skilfully designed visualisations of analytics results, institutions may be able to use the experience of the past to create supportive, insightful models of primary (and perhaps real-time) learning processes. While the opportunities and drawbacks of “Big Data” in the media might have been a bit over exaggerated, current research indicate several interesting but complex challenges. How can we filter the “good” from “bad”, or even ugly analytics:
• What evidence is there that analytics actually helps learners to reach their potential?
• How does the Open University UK use analytics to provide support for students and teachers?
• How can we make learning more personalised, adaptive and meaningful, and what are the implications for Moodle?

Michael de RaadtDr Michael de Raadt is Research Director at Moodle HQ where he conducts, collects and promotes educational technology research, organises conferences and manages grants. He has experience as an academic in the university sector.

Michael has numerous publications in the areas of educational technology and computing education. He holds postgraduate qualifications in computing and education. In his time off Michael loves being with his family and enjoys swimming, jogging and hiking.


Personalised learning and Moodle
Personalised learning is an appealing concept and examples of personalisation show it can be beneficial for student learning. In this presentation I will describe personalised learning, discuss research and examples employing it and consider whether it is feasible in the real world. I'll describe how personalisation can be achieved in Moodle and where personalised learning may be heading in future.

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