Moodlerooms is an education technology company dedicated to bringing excellent online teaching and learning solutions to institutions around the world. Serving nearly hundreds of customers across higher education, business and work-based learning, we’re focused on continually improving the Moodle experience so that educators’ complex tasks are simpler and more manageable. We’re committed to helping educators drive engagement in their classrooms, surpass learning goals and increase student success over time. 

With our innovative solutions to enhance the Moodle platform and the teaching and learning experience, we offer education consulting services, a leading predictive analytics solution, and communication tools that support learning for all. As the largest Moodle partner, we’re actively engaged, contributing feature developments, resources and revenue to support the future development of Moodle. We are proud to be part of the Moodle community. 

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Sponsor Sessions

Middlesex University: Online collaboration – a strategy for strengthening global education

With a history that dates back 130 years, Middlesex University is an educational institution that arose from multiple colleges and training institutions in North London, England coming together. Today, it is a world-class institution with campuses and partnerships that stretch across the globe.

Middlesex University partnered with Moodlerooms to create a virtual learning environment optimal for its nearly 40,000 students.

In this 25 minute session we will explore the focus of this partnership including:

  •     Deployment of technology
  •     Strategic and tactical strategies for training their instructors
  •     Increase awareness and skills around teaching and collaborating online with a global student body
  •     Delivery and facilitation of high-quality blended courses and teaching strategies

Presented by:
    Phillip Miller, Vice President – Moodlerooms
    Alex Chapman, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning - Middlesex University

Understand, Diagnose, Act: X-Ray Learning Analytics for deep Insight into Learners & Course Materials

Today’s instructors are teaching at a rapidly changing time, with technology becoming an increasingly important part of the educational experience of learners. The growing use of technology is generating mountains of data that can provide insights

if harnessed and analysed with a focus on what teachers need and what research has found to make a difference in student achievement. The online learning analytics available through the LMS can enable deeper engagement with learners, help instructors save time facilitating courses and aid in the assessment of new learning models.

During this 25 minute session we will show you how you can:

  •     Identify and focus on at-risk students
  •     Gain deep insights into student behaviour and performance drivers
  •     Develop strong learner communities through discussions, materials, and assessments
  •     Effectively and efficiently manage course activities and materials

Presented by:
    Nathan Cobb, Solutions Engineer – Blackboard

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