Echo 360

Over two million students at 625 schools across 30 countries rely on Echo360 active learning technology to enhance their educational experience before, during and after class. Developed for educators by educators, Echo360 increases in-class participation with digital polling, provides a rich out-of-class experience by recording and publishing course instruction, and delivers deep usage analytics to help instructors respond to student needs. Students revisit lectures, collaborate with peers, and participate in class wherever, whenever they choose.


Twitter: @echo360

Sponsor Session

Echo360 believes that improved outcomes start with great moments in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors capture and extend those moments to improve student engagement before, during and after class. Hear about how Moodle integrates into Echo360 platform and its benefits including student engagement, analytics and content creation.

Last modified: Tuesday, 15 March 2016, 5:11 PM