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Catalyst is a global team of open source technologists, with the UK offices in Brighton that champion the adoption of open source solutions. Over the last two decades we have been heavily involved in the development of Moodle through code contributions, Moodle plugin development, and the development of a corporate distribution 'Totara LMS'. Catalyst are also the core developers and maintainers of Mahara, a free open source e-portfolio system with excellent integration capabilities with Moodle.

We are platform experts; providing services for hosting, development, design, load testing and the integration of open source e-learning systems into your infrastructure. We are cloud experts, AWS partners and Openstack foundation members, with whom you can work with to help identify how to scale your platform. We are a creative, collaborative team with a record of solving complex business problems.

We have also developed an off-line player for delivering Moodle courses in areas with no network connectivity:

Offline Player

Sponsor Presentation:

Coursebank: Easy Moodle Course Backups with no more limits

Presenter: Andrew Boag

The CourseBank plugin is an admin tool which integrates with the Coursebank cloud backup service. CourseBank allows Moodle adminstrators to push their Moodle Course backups into managed cloud storage and access these backups on demand through the Coursebank interface.

The Coursebank service allows:

Avoid the overhead of manually managing course backup files. Avoid the risk involved in keeping course backups on the same infrastructure as your Moodle site. Avoid the expense and complexity involved in maintaining your own storage infrastructure. Have your course backups readily available for download when you need to use them. Comply with course archiving requirements. Coursebank can grow to suit the needs of your organisation as it scales.

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