WIRIS Educational mathematics

WIRIS Math and science software including equation editor (HTML5), handwriting, calculator and STEM assessment API. Integrated into Moodle and other LMS.

We are the responsible for WIRIS tools, a suite of tools for mathematics education. We have focused on the integration of WIRIS tools with web based platforms like LMS, CMS.



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Assessment for scientific disciplines

Assessing scientific questions has severe limits in Moodle, starting by the way a student can type in an answer other than text, for example a math expression or a chemical formula. As a result, teachers end up creating multiple choice questions instead of open answers.

WIRIS tools address exactly that problem. First of all, WIRIS provides handwriting recognition for math & sciences, so the student can write any expression with his finger on the tablet and watch it be recognised as a scientific expression.

Secondly, the automatic evaluation of the answer needs to be done by a mathematical engine, as there are often many ways to write the same result in sciences. With WIRIS, the teacher has full control on what's accepted as a correct answer: any equivalent expression is correct, or only a precise one, or it has to verify certain properties, or has to be simplified, etc.

And finally, the teacher can use random parameters in the questions so that every student gets a brand new question and practising rather than copying is stimulated.

Did we say we are leaders in providing mathematics education solutions worldwide?

My first question with handwriting recognition

Do you work on a scientific domain and are limited to creating multiple choice questions? That's about to end.

In this mini-workshop, we'll create a simple question where the student will be able to handwrite their answer on a tablet.

We'll also have a look at the configuration possibilities of a math & science answer, as making your student's life simple doesn't mean your assessment becomes simplistic. You can request their answer to satisfy as many properties as you wish: answer simplified, factorized, hving this form or this precision, etc.

Don't be an ostrich and take a walk on the WIRIS side!

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